The Flaky Derelict

Of masks, monsters and demons caged in my head.

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Is it there or is it not not?

You’ll never know

You’ll keep trying to know

and you’ll fail

over and over

and over again,

until your bones are brittle,

until your face is wrinkled

and the heart is weak,

but you’ll be happy,

you’ll gaze upon the skies

and see the answers,

the Why of your existence..

or not

but you’ll smile at how many roads you’ve traveled,

at how many times you’ve loved and you’ve lost,

the latter more than the former,

you’ll be a happy old storyteller

Dare not give up trying,

attempting to find

what you can’t understand,

what you can see,

what you can feel,

you know it is beautiful

and by my future unseen

it is worth it.

Enjoying the life – by Asi


Author: Zeus

I am the grey area, everything by choice and nothingness by choice, wherein everything is possible as it is improbable.

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