The Flaky Derelict

Of masks, monsters and demons caged in my head.


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Your pen slipped to convey that life is too short for us to avoid sinning or to differentiate between what is held as sin and what is considered a revered virtue. I was intensely immersed in the beautifully drawn moment that I forgot my reality, I forgot to take a peak at your soul and whisper that my short life is nearing its demise, that my soul is weakened and my mind is troubled. I do not want to want anymore, or rather, I want to stop the sins of my past from bonding with the demons in my head to halt my wanting. Can you see the evidence of the conflict and the confusion dominating my thought process in the former?

Moreover, you do not want me, you want my listening ear and my comforting logic, you want my belief in your beauty, that you’re not as complex and as misunderstood as you keep voicing countless times to countless other ‘Humans’. I understand that, I embrace that but it is a curse in disguise; wanting the want that never admitted not wanting.

All in all, I am sorry, I am sorry that my spoken words failed to convey the above, but I know you will understand, understand that I am not perfect, that I am not even average, understand that I am just an old, demented man, a sinner who is conscious of his sins with a subconscious that torments him yet scarcely prevents him.

PS: You are an incarnation of beauty.



Author: Zeus

I am the grey area, everything by choice and nothingness by choice, wherein everything is possible as it is improbable.

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