The Flaky Derelict

Of masks, monsters and demons caged in my head.


Well, what can one write in the About page?


I guess I am a writer, or I want to be anyway, and 24 year old mess.

I write because I can and because it is the best release of energy I’ve found – Even Taekwondo wasn’t the same –

I write irregularly and I can’t even write using a keyboard.

I write for myself and for those who can relate or who can enjoy my writings.


I am presently working on a couple of series with specific description:

1- Mendacious Circumlocution : It is a series where I talk about any random shit that comes to mind, varying from love to ants walking on my arm (Currently 10 parts)

2- Sinful Times: A poetry series I write when I’m extremely high on Hash/Weed. (5 parts)

3- Stranger/الغريب: a mixture of Arabic and English attempts at literature about Love, lust and loss (Cannot be arsed to count the parts)


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